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Liberty Cookies

Upon his arrival to America, Paddy sees the New York Harbor. The mixing of languages, religion, foods, and cultures in New York City inspired Paddy. He tasted chocolate and, for the first time, coffee (Kahlua) and liked them both so much he wanted to mix them together.

I suggested that America, which had been the land of opportunity for so many people, should find a way to welcome people to the land of liberty.

It will take another forty years before my suggestion becomes a reality. I have met and exchanged ideas with many new people. I have had many memorable experiences.

In honor of the Statue of Liberty, he named his new cookie, Liberty.  


Liberty Ingredients: wheat flour, malted barley flour, brown sugar, walnuts, sugar, cocoa, Baileys Irish Cream Liquor, Kahlua, chocolate, cocoa butter, partially hydrogenated palm kernel & palm oils, milk, milkfat, nonfat milk, soy lecithin, niacin AB vitamin, iron, thiamin, mononitrate vitamin B-1, riboflavin vitamin B-2, folic acid AB vitamin, baking soda, artificial & natural flavors, sea salt. 



 Gourmet Triple
Chocolate Cookie
Available with or without
Baileys Irish Cream
& Kahlua

4" cookies (3 oz)
$2.50 EACH!


 Gourmet Triple
Chocolate Cookie Mix

1lb, 6 oz
$8.00 EACH!